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Here you will get full details of the date of any of our resource person, amount, time, and venue of their training.

  • Website Design Training – 09050383911

  • Food and Bakery Training – 08036448901

  • Satellite Installation Training – 08170922532

  • Mini Importation Training – 07085160694

  • Gale and Makeup Training – 08087213045

  • Micro Business and Organic Skincare Training – 08092897290

  • Electronically Inventory Management – 08061195432

  • Scaffolding Training – 08033203743

  • Access Control Training – 09075731473

  • Duvet Training – 09092822333

  • Sound Technology Training – 08052535391

  • Computer Engineering Training – 08188646666

  • The Business Master Class – 08125074671

  • Ankara Bag Making – 08028228932

  • Justin Fish Training – 07061874474

  • Cinematography Training – 09032592487

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The vision of the Ordinary President is to see that Nigerians enjoy life to the fullest. The idea is to create a process where anyone who wants a better life can tap into the empowerment program and learn new skill that will provide for you and your family.


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